RaceID saves you time and gives you access to the world’s racers

RaceID is the digital world for race participants, and also the place where you as an organizer can connect with your racers and reach new ones.
RaceID makes the process smooth for both you and your racers – before, during and after your event.
With the help of our latest race management technology, you can spend more time on what really matters: your race day.


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Event management made easy

RaceID is a cloud based system that is constantly developed in close collaboration with participants and race organizers.


RaceID gives you a communication tool right at your fingertips. Reach participants easily before, during and after your race through our flexible RaceID tools.

Powerful event management

Using the RaceID event management platform gives you everything you need to manage your race; optised event page, participant registrations and payments, smart startlists, flexible discount codes and much more.


With RaceID you can use the timekeeping of your choice. With our fully integrated Timekeeping app you can time the race yourself in just a few clicks or you can choose to connect with any sports timekeeping specialist in the world. 

Post event management

RaceID facilitates post event management and gives you tools for timing management, post race communication and simplified event creation for the following year – all to save you time!

About Us

RaceID was founded by race participants and the aim to inspire more people to discover the beauty of endurance racing. The RaceID team consists of dedicated individuals who all love what we do.

How Race Organizers use RaceID

X-tri World Tour

With world-renowned races like Norseman, Celtman and Patagonman, XTRI World Tour is the most spectacular series of extreme triathlon races around the world. XTRI World Tour joined forces with RaceID in 2018 with the aim to create one place for all XTRI participants.

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series

The sport of Swimrun has seen a massive growth in races and participants over the past decade, where the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series has been the driving force ever since they founded the sport with their first race back in 2006. Now with races throughout Europe and in the USA, ÖTILLÖ is a worldwide series with elite teams competing for a spot in the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship in Sweden. RaceID is an integral part of the ÖTILLÖ infrastructure with a shared mission to inspire even more people to discover the wondrous world of Swimrun.

Icebug Xperience

Icebug is a world-class shoe brand with the vision to inspire people to go outdoors. With races throughout Scandinavia, Icebug Xperience inspires year round activities in both urban environments and in the wild terrain. Icebug and RaceID have together collected all races under the same umbrella with the aim to facilitate the customer journey.

Reach the world’s participants

RaceID is the gateway to reach the world’s endurance race participants. Our ever growing community of racers in all endurance sports.

What our participants say

I use RaceID to sign up for my favourite races, and I love that I can collect all my registrations in one place. Since I already have my details in my profile, it is so quick to register for a new race!

I come to RaceID to find my next challenge. In the calendar, I can look for different sport events and get inspired. I favourite a bunch of races and save them in my profile so I can get back to them later and register. It’s great to have all my racing life in one place.

When I hear that my yearly challenge has opened registration, I go to sign up right away on my phone even if I’m right in the middle of something. It’s easy and quick and the registration works smoothly both on my phone and on the computer. Stellar!

Whenever I have a break, I go to RaceID to check out the latest news. Not only do I get to know which races are up, but can also read articles that inspire me to become a better athlete and live a healthier life.

Virtual Races

Virtual races offer a whole new world of endurance racing where you can compete with participants from all over the world. Read about how the RaceID Virtual Race platform takes your virtual experience to the next level.

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