Icebug Xperience

Icebug Xperience

Reaching out to a new audience of curious potential participants – and shoe buyers

About Icebug Xperience

Icebug makes shoes that save the world from slipping – raising the bar for sustainability in the industry and making it easier to get outdoors. It’s more fun to go outside when you have great traction. Icebug’s main mission is to inspire people to go outdoors. To achieve this, Icebug makes a series of events where people can meet and do the things they love, together with the people they love, all year-around, in all kinds of terrain. This way, they introduce people to the beauty of the seasons and to show what Icebugs is all about. This is the Icebug Xperience.

“I’m very happy with how we could maximise the use of the App and its functions. With the help of a great team of volunteers, we were able to offer four split times and smooth live timing of the entire race.”

Icebug Xperience and RaceID

With events all year around in different countries with several events overlapping each other, Icebug needed one platform to control all events and all race participants. The solution came with RaceID and the ability to offer the participant a RaceID-profile to collect all Icebug Xperience registrations in one place. As a shoe brand with events, Icebug also wanted to let more people explore their events and their shoes, at RaceID they reach out to a new mass of curious potential participants – and shoe buyers!

Up-sales and extras

When it comes to Icebug Xperience, the participants are not only registering for a race, they register for an experience. For Icebug it was important to be able to offer extras and up-sales of Icebug products to give each participant exactly what they need to get the best experience at the event.

This was solved by offering extra purchases right in the sign/up form on RaceID, allowing athletes to buy Icebug products and gear up for the race they signed up for. The sales in registration solution resulted in a successful strategy that has increased sales and brand awareness of products for Icebug.

A digital space for all Icebug Events

With events all year around and in different locations, Icebug was looking for a place where they could collect all their events in one place. They also needed a convenient calendar view of all races and a smooth registration system. The RaceID platform fits like a hand in the glove for these needs, and we have together developed a branded space, filter and calendar for Icebug events on the platform that is intensely popular among the Icebug Xperience participants.

Efficient Time Keeping

At Icebug Xperience, the race itself is part of the bigger experience. Every race course and location is unique and the timekeeping solution has to be trustworthy and simple to use – but above all; flexible.

With RaceID’s adaptable options, this was solved by varying use of chip timing and the RaceID Timekeeping app, depending on the nature of each event. A highlight of an App-timing event was the Icebug West Coast Trail with more than 400 participants.

New concept development in tough times

During 2020, Icebug Xperience had to postpone and cancel some of their bigger events due to Covid-19. Instead of doing nothing, they stayed positive and launched a new concept with the help of RaceID called “My Icebug Backyard Trail”. 60 ambassadors showed their own “Backyard Trail” (their favourite running route) for a small group of people, forming micro races in different places around Sweden. The total number of participants reached beyond 600 people during one weekend in May, 2020.

Check out Icebug’s Events here, and visit the Icebug Xperience website to learn more about the concept.

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